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Mode Creative Homes provides the best in home building and construction services in the city of Canberra, and focuses on delivering custom built homes of the utmost quality. This includes extensions, renovations, remodelling and more. The company is owned by Luke Katlewski, who was born and raised in Canberra and has extensive knowledge of the local area, currently operating under a B class builders license. If you're looking to customise your existing home or find a new one, Mode Creative Homes Canberra is the best place to go.

Our company provides a plethora of new home building and construction services, including:

Architectural work: We're recommended by extremely talented, local architects which allows us to perform amazing architectural work on your brand new or existing home. This includes drafting and design work, using the highest quality of materials available in order to give your brand new home an amazing, sleek finish.

Renovations: Mode Creative Homes is well equipped to handle extensive renovation jobs. We work on all types of homes, this includes jobs related to remodelling, restorations and home renovations, whether the home is 10 or 100 years old. Many of the projects we undergo are of both simple and complex natures, and we guarantee at Mode Creative Homes Canberra we are fit to do both. We have performed many house extensions, adding multiple rooms of varying sizes to households.

Custom built homes: One of our biggest strengths is building custom homes from scratch, including doing all of the aforementioned designs, planning, electrical work, window fitting, etc. It's a massive undertaking which we are more than eager to put our heart and soul into.

Remodelling: Here at Mode Creative Homes we have an eye for design, and would love to help you achieve your dream home. Our remodelling jobs are the finest in Canberra, with us taking the time to figure out exactly how you envision your new home. Take a look at our existing remodelling jobs on our website.

Health and Safety: Our team has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the health and safety considerations imposed by the Canberra Government, we also know that the safety of our clients is paramount. Meaning you'll be able to feel safe inside your household, and not be left with a house that breaches housing laws.

Why people should choose Mode Creative Homes Canberra

In the past, we've even managed to finish projects faster than expected, with our workers completing what was meant to be a 7 month construction project in around 5 months. This is of no surprise, as we also formulate a process which allows us to perform at the most efficient pace, without lacking on quality assurance.

The outpour of positive comments is amazing and highly motivating, showing the public that our workers have a dedication to their craft. Not once has a customer been disappointed by the work provided by our company, as we are always open to discuss any issues you may have, and be ready to fix them at a swift pace.

Without a doubt, Mode Creative Homes is the best company in the home building and construction sector and has been proven to deliver the greatest quality construction services in Canberra, with impeccable communication skills, quality design, affordable prices and more. If you're interested, take a look at our website, including the video on our homepage to get a visual example of some of the outstanding work we produce.

We assure you will not be disappointed. Call 0407 222 068 now to arrange a consultation.